Sacramento Auditorium

Excavating the grounds to repair foundation walls provided an opportunity to improve site and building lighting.  A lighting design for the building façade and grounds was developed and installed in close cooperation with civic stakeholders.  The completed lighting respectfully highlights the original architecture while adding badly needed site lighting.  The wattage is 22% less than California Title 24 and complies with LEED SS8.

FRONT CORNER: The front corners of the building are up-lighted, again using Hydrel’s 4750 Series and F54T5HO lamps, supplemented by M9000 Series in-grades using CMH70 lamps for the limestone pilasters.

ROMEO & JULIET BALCONIES: There are Romeo and Juliet balconies at each of the four main fire exits.  Two CMH70 M9000 Series in-grades and a single 4750 Series flood in each balcony highlight the balcony and brick wall.  The lighting reveals a spectacular artful brick pattern not evident by daylight.