Well Light

The 9310 Well Light houses the 12 Volt, MR-16 Quartz Halogen lamps, the PAR20 Incadescent lamps and the T4 or PAR 20 metal halide lamps. The finned housing ensures proper cooling. The light is suspended from the grill and adjustable to 30~176;. The grill is anchored to the 6" ABS Well by tamper-proof screws. The fixture is available in Aluminum or Bronze, and with a Polycarbonate grill cover for protection in pedestrian areas.


  • Application Type : Automotive and Parking, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Offices and Banks, Power and Gas, Religious, Residential, Retail, Roadways, Bridges and Tunnels, Sports and Recreation, Transportation, Warehouses, Waters, Sewers and Dams
  • Light Source : HID, HID - Ceramic Metal Halide, HID - Metal Halide, Incandescent
  • Mounting Type : In-grade
  • Product Type : In-Grade
  • Series :
  • Voltage Rating : 120, 208, 220, 230, 240, 277, 347, Low Voltage, MVOLT