Big Polymeric Combo Box (BPCA-BPCB)

Ballast or Transformer Enclosure

The Big Polymeric Combo Box houses a ballast for HID light fixture. The Combination Box includes a junction box, ballast housing and an anti-wicking chamber designed to prevent water from the conduit housing to be drawn into the ballast housing. The Junction Box is completely pre-wired with interconnecting leads which are terminated and embedded in high temperature sealing compound to prevent wicking. The lid is available in die-cast aluminum or bronze in order to prevent corrosion from salt or acidic soil.


  • Light Source : HID - Ceramic Metal Halide, HID - High Pressure Sodium, HID - Metal Halide, LED
  • Product Type : Power Enclosure
  • Series : BPCA, BPCB
  • Voltage Rating : 120, 208, 230, 240, 277, 347, MVOLT