Border Light

The M9460 Marker Lights are multi-purpose units designed for mounting in a variety of substrates or materials. The M9460 fixture is used to light Architectural and Landscape features. The units consist of a factory sealed, thermally protected sealed lamp module. Incandescent option, or HID lamps. Designed with three segment support , and a lower profile. An encapsulated sealed ballast is placed in a rugged style, non obtrusive, low impact rough-in section that will eliminate moisture intrusion. This isolates the lamp from fixture shock. The RIS has durable versatility and a long life. The M9460 fixture has a small, 230mm (9 in.) footprint with a cylindrical RIS.


  • Aperture Size : 10 IN
  • Application Type : Hospitality, Offices and Banks, Retail
  • Light Source : Compact Fluorescent, Halogen, HID - Ceramic Metal Halide, Incandescent
  • Mounting Type : In-grade
  • Product Type : In-Grade
  • Series : M9460
  • Voltage Rating : 120, 208, 220, 230, 240, 277, 347, 480, Low Voltage, MVOLT