Our lighting design team lives in the future. Our engineering team loves to fix and tinker. And together the next generation of Hydrel outdoor luminaires develop. We merge all design disciplines and create architectural fixtures that offer architects and lighting designers a complete lighting experience.




Flame is a patent-pending lighting technique with SAF7 RGBW, SAF14 RGBW and SAF28 RGBW. Flame is a unique optical engineering design that creates accent gradient effects from a single fixture. One luminaire with two beams for sophisticated lighting layers merging innovation and design. Learn More.


The flexibility to choose any color with maximum color output. With Color-Flex LED drivers, each channel reaches its highest possible wattage, 100% of its full power, without losing lumen output and no overheating of the fixture.

Quad Tech

Infinite color selection. Quad Tech is a proprietary LED technology by Hydrel that focuses on color lighting quality with high-performance optics. Quad Technology offers precise color matching and infinite color selection. Designed with advanced lenses that emit high-quality and high-output lighting - the result is uniformed landscapes and environments. No loss of lumen output. No overheating of the fixture. No color separation. Simply high-performance color mixing, precise color blending and higher color saturation.

Flow-Thru Technology

Designed by Hydrel, Flow-Thru technology offers superior water resistance. Its technology allows water to flow around the independently sealed integral driver module and LED module to ensure peak performance and extended life of the fixture.

Taper-Lock Technology

Designed by Hydrel, the tapered “Sure Lock” knuckle seat offers infinite aiming and an unparalleled locking ability. Easily aim and lock fixture where intended.

Aim-Lock Technology

Improve mechanical aiming with Aim-Lock. Double lens design includes door assembly with 360° Aim-Lock™ module support and a tilt ring that allows 15° of aiming. Aim-Lock technology gives exterior lighting designers a more flexible lighting solution. Aim-Lock is available with our architectural ingrades. Applications include wall washes, tree and monument lighting, pathway lighting, lighting architectural features, landscape, museum, and hospitality venues.

Hydrel LED

Hydrel LED is a proprietary high-output LED technology. When supplied with 11VAC-14VAC to combat voltage drop, fixtures have a near constant light output.

Hydrel Light Source Technology

Proprietary PBCA. LED technology with correlated color temperatures (CCT) of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K (>80 CRI). Hydrel Light Source Technology guarantees a consistent color temperature within 3 MacAdam ellipses.

Controllers and Network Connectivity


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