Hydrel Expands M9000 Family of Ingrade Luminaires

Introduction of M9700 RGBW fixture enhances design flexibility for architectural illumination

Atlanta, GA, April 24, 2023 – Hydrel® (www.hydrel.com), an established innovator and provider of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products, announces the expansion of its M9000 ingrade luminaire family with the introduction of its M9700 RGBW fixture..

M9700 is now a complete family of ingrade luminaires designed to withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic, flooding, and the challenges of heat management. The M9700 RGBW modular ingrade is a multi-purpose LED luminaire designed for flush mounting in various substrates or materials. Lighting designers can uplight architectural columns and landscape features with dynamic, rich colors or soft whites.

RGBW color combinations can be customized to suit any lighting design application. Six distributions, including an 8° narrow spot, are available, with outputs ranging from 1100 to 2300 delivered lumens.

The double lens supplied with the built-in tilt mechanism in M9000 ingrade luminaires can be aimed at a 15° tilt and rotated 360°. Both mechanical and optical aiming techniques can be used for improved versatility. And the series offers Hydrel-designed 360° Aim-Lock technology. Components are indexed and locked to allow re-lamping and maintenance without re-aiming. This double lens design also creates an insulating layer of air between the two lenses, reducing heat by up to 50%.

The M9000 series features Hydrel’s patented Flow-Thru technology, which combines underwater lighting and modular design. The Flow-Thru design starts at the rough-in sections with a molded junction box and holes at the bottom. As a result, it creates a pathway for water to flow through the fixture. Its modular design also makes a water-tight module and junction box: this engineering technique ensures peak performance and improves the life of the internal components.

Maintenance-free design is another distinctive feature of the M9000 series. Sealed lamp modules may be easily removed without a water-tight shell to protect the lighting components. An IP68 rating ensures product longevity against moisture and condensation.

Full details are available on the Hydrel website here.

About Hydrel
Hydrel, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, is a premier brand of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products which incorporate innovative sealing capabilities, superior materials, and long-lasting finishes. Its luminaires can withstand decades of use with minimal maintenance and unmatched structural integrity. Committed to lighting performance for over six decades, Hydrel utilizes the most advanced sources and optics to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Combining today's smaller, more efficient sources with precision optical platforms, Hydrel achieves photometric performance seldom experienced in outdoor lighting – a soft, uniform illumination that is noticeably superior. Visit us at www.hydrel.com


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