Hydrel Wins a LIT Design Award

SAF family of exterior floodlights awarded for Lighting Product Design

Atlanta, GA, December 5, 2022 – Hydrel® (www.hydrel.com), an established innovator and provider of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products, today announced its SAF family of exterior floodlight luminaires has received a LIT Design Award.

The LIT Design Awards™ were created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. An esteemed jury of designers and leaders in the lighting, interior design, and architectural fields evaluated each submitted design. The SAF family was recognized in the Flood Lights category.

SAF is a complete non-linear floodlight family for various lighting requirements, including floodlighting, spotlighting, silhouetting, grazing, and wall washing. A minimalist design across the family allows each fixture to remain discreet, focusing on bold beams and precision illumination.

Numerous sizes, optics, and distributions are available to address every architecture, site, or environment. The compact 3.6-inch diameter SAF1 accentuates unique patterns, facades, or landmarks with its narrow beam and precision lighting. At the other end of the size range, the powerful 16-inch diameter SAF28 offers the versatility of 12 beam distributions and delivers up to 18,000 lumens.

SAF7, SAF14, and SAF28 feature quad chip LED technology to deliver brilliant light quality and optimal color mixing, ensuring uniform color illumination for wall wash and wall grazing applications.

The entire SAF family has received multiple accolades since its launch, including 2021 Product Innovation Awards from Architectural Products and Architectural SSL magazines. Most recently, SAF1 and SAF28 were recipients of a 2022 BrightStar Award in the Outdoor SSL category.

More information about the SAF family is available here.

About Hydrel
Hydrel, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, is a premier brand of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products which incorporate innovative sealing capabilities, superior materials, and long-lasting finishes. Its luminaires can withstand decades of use with minimal maintenance and unmatched structural integrity. Committed to lighting performance for over six decades, Hydrel utilizes the most advanced sources and optics to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Combining today's smaller, more efficient sources with precision optical platforms, Hydrel achieves photometric performance seldom experienced in outdoor lighting – a soft, uniform illumination that is noticeably superior. Visit us at www.hydrel.com


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