Architectural Lighting Solutions

Easily set the right mood with luminaires from Hydrel. Luminaires with customizable color selection, exceptional light output, unparalleled color consistency, superb control options, and precision optics are all from Hydrel.

Inspiration for Your Next Project

Create innovative fountain lighting effects and displays with luminaires from Hydrel. Choose fountain lights in crisp, punchy whites or rich colors and enjoy architectural fountains and water features bathed in an aesthetically pleasing light show. Their solid construction and energy efficiency make these luminaires the preferred choice for commercial, parks, and memorial fountain applications.


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Wet/Dry Underwater Fountain Lights

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The Hydrel line of wet/dry underwater lights is designed especially for use in areas of water features that are prone to being dry or could possibly be dry much of the time.

These versatile fixtures can operate totally submerged but, unlike other underwater lights, are not dependent upon water for cooling and therefore can continue to operate even when water levels are low or non-existent.

It is this feature that makes the wet/dry fixtures ideal for use on the edges of waterfalls, streams, or fountains and in installations with a fluctuation in water level.

Portland Ira Keller Fountain Hydrel Lights

Keller Fountain Park, Portland, OR


Lighting Fountain Types

Underwater fixtures for every application! Hydrel offers the widest and most varied line of underwater fixtures in the industry, including niche and base mounted lights for fountains and reflecting pools, special fixtures for wet/dry applications, and swimming pool lights. These reliable luminaires are available in a variety of color temperatures, distributions and are complemented by a line of accessories and electrical equipment.

Personalize Your Lighting Design

Make bold choices. Imagine a lighting design with luminaires that help command brand attention— welcome guests with an inspiring and unique design with Hydrel.