Find Your Perfect

A lighting design that defines the destination and creates a singular beauty. Explore a new world in lighting, embrace it, surrender to it, and find your perfect. Trust Hydrel to provide the best luminaires to help bring your hotel to life for a variety of occasions.

Architectural Lighting Solutions

Easily set the right mood with luminaires from Hydrel. Luminaires with customizable color selection, exceptional light output, unparalleled color consistency, superb control options, and precision optics are all from Hydrel.

An Exquisite Experience

Add an eye-catching focal point to select interiors. Create a welcoming centerpiece for your guests with a unique lighting design that moves with your brand. From classic, retro chic to resort hotels looking to create that select interior, Hydrel offers luminaires for your hotel styling.

Sleek indoor lobby hotel lighting
Innovative outdoor patio lighting with city view

Avoid light spills in spaces where guests mingle. Discover luminaires with superior construction, optics, and flexibility with Hydrel. Plus, our complete solutions, from luminaires, controls and network connectivity, make it easy to maintain.

Discover architectural luminaires for aquatics, landscapes, architecture and pathways that offer genuinely water-proof modular design and innovative technologies that make for the most reliable outdoor architectural luminaire to a global market.

Water-proof hotel lighting in scenic pool area

Personalized Lighting Design

Make bold choices. Imagine a lighting design with luminaires that help command brand attention— welcome guests with an inspiring and unique design with Hydrel.



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