Bridges That Bind

Bridges That Bind

Bridge lighting is more than just a visual spectacle. It's a beacon that attracts visitors, stimulates economic growth, and fosters a sense of civic pride in the communities they grace. With Hydrel's lighting solutions, you can transform bridges into captivating architectural structures that serve these purposes.

Architectural Lighting Solutions for Pedestrian Bridges

Lighting pedestrian bridges is complex, starting with their structure, architectural elements, location, and environment, to mention a few. A lighting design can incorporate different techniques. From spotlighting and grazing to playing with RGBW color, durable, low-maintenance luminaires will bring a bridge to life in a beautiful way.

Hydrel offers lighting solutions for bridges that go beyond aesthetics - they deliver superior light output. A robust design, quality materials and the ability to update drivers directly in the field ensure long life and low maintenance. The luminaires also offer end-to-end controls for easy programming and modifying for light shows and color-changing effects.


Pedestrians and cyclists will enjoy the welcoming addition of architectural lighting on the bridge. The wide selection of outdoor luminaires by Hydrel highlights architectural features while helping to define a streetscape or landscape and create a sense of place in a community.

Regardless of weather or location, our fixtures provide exceptional lighting capabilities and high performance. Features such as Flow-Thru technology, 3G and IK10 rating and a wide selection of mounting options ensure a captivating lighting design for any bridge.


Basic Lighting Standards for Pedestrian Bridges

Minimizing light pollution, life-cyclic vibration, and extreme temperatures are just some of the factors a lighting designer should consider when lighting bridges. Hydrel offers the following standards for bridge lighting:

BAA  |  3G  |  IK10  |  Resistant Finishes  |  Safety Cable  |  ADA Compliant  |  IP66  |  Low Voltage  |  Amber CCT




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