Reliability with Performance

For over sixty years, Hydrel has continued to engineer a genuinely water-proof underwater fixture and the desire to innovate. Today, as a leading designer and builder of architectural luminaires, Hydrel offers remarkable knowledge of the complex demands of underwater lighting. So go ahead and add a touch of color to swimming pools. After all, it's more than just a body of water; it's an extension of the brand's style and experience.

Architectural Lighting Solutions

Easily set the right mood with luminaires from Hydrel. Luminaires with customizable color selection, exceptional light output, unparalleled color consistency, superb control options, and precision optics are all from Hydrel.

Make a Splash with Color

Enjoy the Swim

Low maintenance, the 4426 series is long-lasting, with 100,000+ hours of operation, and provides optimized energy performance for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fountains, reflecting pools, and waterfalls.

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Keeping it Cool

Underwater swimming pool luminaires by Hydrel combine modular design, precision reflectors, optically active lenses, a polymer rough-in section, watertight connectors, dry air purge, and underwater seals to achieve outstanding results.

Good Vibes with Good Design

Swimming pool lights require special safeguards! Hydrel offers an extensive line of underwater swimming pool lighting designed to meet the most demanding requirements of commercial, competition, and residential pools. Wet niche units are available in line-voltage and low-voltage models.

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It’s No Ordinary Fixture!

The 4426 Niche Mount underwater luminaire provides superior lumen maintenance and optimized energy performance. The 4426 Series is available for use in fountains, swimming pools and water features.

  • 100,000+ hours of operation
  • Replaceable driver in the field
  • Heavy wall cast bronze construction
  • Seven distributions
  • Narrow spot produces 147,374 max candelas
  • Up to 10,985 Delivered Lumens
  • Twist & locking mount for easy installation
  • Static white, phosphor converted amber, monochromatic, RGB and RGBW
  • IDIM or DMX controls
  • Niche mounted for swimming pool or reflection pool/fountain light
  • Optional bronze, saltwater bronze, or stainless-steel material
  • Limited wavelength amber available with low voltage option

Swimming Pool Fixture Selection


4421C is a static white, wet niche swimming pool fixture. The fixture accentuates pools with breathtaking color temperatures, offering the latest LED innovations and advanced energy-saving technology.


4426 Static White Niche Mount luminaire with superior lumen maintenance and optimized energy performance. Applicable for wet niche mounted fresh and saltwater swimming pool applications.

4426 RGB

For dynamic color-changing pools, the 4426 RGB provides superior lumen maintenance and optimized energy performance for wet-nichemounted swimming pools. RGBW is available as custom.


The 4800 Series fixture is a wet niche-mounted pool light with temperature-sensing low water cut-off. The unit is smaller in size than conventional units. It uses 120- or 12-volt LED.

Personalized Lighting Design

Make bold choices. Imagine a lighting design with luminaires that help command brand attention— welcome guests with an inspiring and unique design with Hydrel.



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