First Citizens Bank Headquarters

Floodlighting reinforces the architectural form by illuminating setback portions of the façade, including the central vertical areas above each entrance and the top floor levels, while leaving the outer corner volumes unlit. The contrast between these surfaces emphasizes the solidity of the outer surface while accentuating the lighter interior volume that rises within and above it. 6700 Series in-grades are recessed within the horizontal facade mullions at the upper floors to provide grazing up-light on the walls and to highlight the undersides of the mullions above. The carefully calculated light levels do not overpower the State Capitol building, which is one block away.

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8100 LED Floodlight

Floodlight - High Output LED

PDX10 Paradox RGB In-Grade

PDX10 Paradox Dynamic LED Outdoor 10 Inch Round
Sealed In-Grade | Available in RGBW as a custom