G2 Louver Bollard

LED and HID Louvered Geometric Bollard

The G2 Bollard is a low level area lighting luminaire that combines visual appeal with superior performance and unequalled quality. It is designed to work in building perimeter area and public spaces completing a wide variety of architectural styles. The G2 Bollard offers an unmatched impact resistant mounting and leveling design ensuring life long performance.

Product overview and specifications
Brand Name Hydrel
Color Beige, Black, Bronze, Brown, Gray, Green, Silver, White
Environment Outdoor
Light Distribution Detail IES Type IV, IES Type V
Light Source Compact Fluorescent, HID - Ceramic Metal Halide, HID - High Pressure Sodium, HID - Metal Halide
Listings cUL, UL
Mounting Type Anchor Based
Product Type Bollard
Series G2LBD
Voltage Rating 120, 208, 230, 240, 277, 347, MVOLT
Spec Sheets
A summary of the performance and other technical characteristics of the product.
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Technical Files
Installation documents, building information models, etc.
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