Tierra Ingrade

Inspires Attention

Experience design differently with Tierra IGF Family.

Tierra ingrades for distinctive locations.

Tierra IGF offers higher delivered lumens, more color temperatures, and more options than the average ingrade - in a compact design. The Tierra IGF Series defines modern lighting design with superior performance and long-lasting finishes. It's time to experience design differently.

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  1. Small Form Factor
    With only 4.4" and 6.38" diameters, the Tierra series is an ingrade that combines impact and corrosion-resistant materials, optimal beam control and superior performance.
  2. Impressive Lighting Output
    Tierra delivers exceptional uniformity and on-target illumination. Its precision optical system offers excellent controlled beam angles.
  3. Smart Modular Design
    Its modular design allows for easy installation, driver replacement, and light source updates as technology advances.
  4. Outlast the Outdoors
    Tierra incorporates innovative sealing capabilities, superior materials, and long-lasting finishes, promising decades of use with minimal maintenance. Its structural integrity is unmatched.


For indoor or outdoor locations, Tierra distinguishes itself with unmatched high-quality illumination expected from a luminaire designed by Hydrel. Tierra delivers consistent, uniform color, with minimal color shift and depreciation over the product's life.

Confidence Inspired.

Built to withstand heavy foot traffic, flooding, and the challenges of heat management, Tierra's robust design delivers consistent lighting performance that designers can always rely on.

Patented Flow-Thru

Flow-Thru Technology

Patented technology allows water to flow around the independently sealed components to ensure peak performance.

Modular Design

It's the modular design that makes a water-tight ingrade. The patented engineering technique ensures peak performance and improves the life of the internal components.

Convection Cooling

Air-flow channels were added to the wall of the rough-in section to prevent the fixture from overheating.

Dry Air

Humidity is purged during production for additional moisture protection and increased efficiency.

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Pushing boundaries of uplighting.

Every evening, extraordinary.

Tierra offers engineering excellence in lighting design for harsh environments and challenging locations. Designed with the highest level of water ingress protection in its category and rigorously tested, Tierra IGF is a commercial-grade outdoor luminaire that promises decades of use with minimal maintenance.

Passion Inspired

Committed to lighting performance, Tierra features the most advanced sources and optics to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Combining today’s smaller, more efficient sources with precision optical platforms creating an even light spread for a uniform, noticeably superior illumination.

More Innovation

The ingrade provides a much higher packing density of LED array than traditional ingrades, resulting in a higher intensity & excellent uniformity of light.

Setting the Standards

Unmatched Options

Tierra offers higher delivered lumens, more color temperatures, and more options than the standard ingrade.

Real Performance!

It's not only the right amount of light, but the luminaire also has outstanding center beam candlepower, more lumens on target, and light where and when you need it.

Full Palette of Optics

Tierra provides a full palette of optics to light any in-grade application including a true wall wash optic without hotspots or shadows.