Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

To enhance the warmth of the exterior finishes, 3000K ceramic metal halide was utilized as the predominant light source. The base of the 140-foot bell tower is illuminated with one Hydrel M9000 in-grade MH uplight per corner. Long-life linear LED grazers uplight mid-section corners. These 2-inch-tall fixtures sit on the 6-inch-wide ledge and are virtually undetectable. A contrasting warm lantern effect at the top of the tower is produced by Hydrel’s 7000 Series floodlights using an HPS source. MH and halogen theatrical ellipsoidals, concealed in vertical wall niches in the choir loft, backlight the huge entry stained-glass window. Due to their long lamp life, the MH fixtures are on nightly to enhance the exterior façade. During night services, the halogens are powered to provide additional impact and color rendering. Hydrel’s M9000 Series In-grades using MH spots push light up the vertical niches framing the main entry feature. MH in-grade wall washers evenly light the two shorter left and right wings. In-grade MH spots light stone entry columns and reveal the cross at the top. Internal shields prevent glare to those walking by. Concealed Hydrel 4750 Series fluorescent luminaires wash bas-relief features over the doors. Custom fluorescent steplights incorporated into handrails provide safe stair illumination. Ground-mounted 7000 Series floodlights tie the structure to the ground by accenting curved vertical features. Concealed MH floodlights highlight the setback at the clerestory windows, accentuating the multi-dimensional facade. Vivid colors of the transept rose windows pop, thanks to backlighting from interior MH ellipsoidal spotlights. An adjustable iris allows precise focus on the window, eliminating spill light. Wall-mounted MH uplights highlight the dome’s columns and cornice above Seventy-five feet away on the roofs of the nave and transept, MH tight spots reveal the weathered copper dome and gold cross. Barn doors limit spill light into the night sky.


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